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  • ShenDrones Shrieker
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    ShenDrones Shrieker

    Shrieker is a 132 sized quad for 3" props, to be built with 1100 motors for a docile indoor flyer or 1300's for a screamer. The unibody lower plate is...
  • GEPRC GEP-MX3 Sparrow

    The sparrow, yes, he is called the sparrow. The sparrow is small all-sided.GEP-MX is a mini frame. We call it little sparrows, small and flexible. Sparrow best apply 3nch blade,...

    The leopard, natural predators, running at a staggering rate This is the GEP-LX, also called ‘Leopard’, The fuselage low center of gravity design. The machine uses 3k ultra-light carbon plate...
  • ShenDrones Tweaker

    Tweaker by ShenDrones
  • ShenDrones Tweaker - FPV Addiction

    Tweaker - FPV Addiction by ShenDrones
  • ShenDrones Tweaker 5"
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    ShenDrones Tweaker 5"

    It's like a tweaker, only bigger. Words from Andy Shen: This is one that people have been requesting for ages. I resisted for a long time because there's already plenty...
  • ShenDrones Mitsuko 4

    Mitsuko is a 150 size plus quad made for 4" props. Like the Krieger, Mitsu has variable cam tilt with tool-free adjustability. With 30mm of stack for the rx, pdb,...
  • ShenDrones Butters
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    ShenDrones Butters

    Butters is a 130mm sized 3" prop quad featuring integrated prop protection, meant for indoor slow flying for beginners or a winter alternative for experienced pilots. The bottom plate is...
  • Falcon 130

    At just under 250g all up, Falcon’s baby brother is almost more fun than you’re legally allowed to have. With support for up to 14XX motors, Falcon 130 can still...
  • Falcon 160
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    Falcon 160

    Falcon 160 is a light and nimble 4” class racing quad that has more than enough power to make even 5” builds look slow. It’s the best choice for small...
  • Falcon 185

    Falcon 185 is a 5” class racing quad with the perfect balance of durability, weight, performance, and features. The 4mm unibody main plate with double-wide arms brings legendary durability while...
  • Falcon HD Camera Plate

    Crash replacement frame part for Falcon Drones.
  • Falcon Top Plate

    Crash replacement frame part for Falcon Multirotors.
  • QuadRevo Rage 180

    Start with a blank design page. Imagine a pure tactical machine that’s designed for one thing. Race and win. Boy does it do well. The Rage Race Edition series are...
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    There is an elegance in simplicity that can only be found when form and function come together in a FUSION of the new and the old. It is where camera...

    There is an elegance in simplicity that can only be found when form and function come together as ONE. It is where camera angles are high, and part counts are...
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