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Voltage & current sensor board (Dropix/Pixhawk) 

  • This module can measure the battery voltage and current consumption with effect Hall sensor.
  • It's compatible with Dropix and Pixhawk flight controller. 


  • Voltage and Hall effect current sensor (ACS758)
  • Voltage Input: 1S up to 12S Lipo
  • Maximum continuous current: 200A
  • LED indicator
  • Gold surface finish
  • 4-layer PCB (70µm)
  • Size: 28*34 mm
  • Weight: 9g (with protection board)
  • Designed and manufactured in France

 Dropix/Pixhawk configuration:

  • Voltage divider: 15.55
  • Amper per volt: 151.5
  • Offset: 1.65
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