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It's like a tweaker, only bigger.

Words from Andy Shen:

This is one that people have been requesting for ages. I resisted for a long time because there's already plenty of good H frames out there, and I saw no need to add another to the mix. I'd rather advance frame design, so instead I focused on making frames that are faster (Krieger, Mixuko, Mako) or better balanced (Corgi) than the typical H. I was so successful at this that people saw the light and totally stopped asking for a big Tweaker. 

No, wait, I'm confusing my fantasy life with reality again. The requests never stopped. Nate Horning made a nice looking one and agreed to cut some for people who wanted one. I thought I was finally off the hook but I heard he had troubles with his CNC so it didn't happen. Then Scott Roome started a petition on my FB page. Meanwhile, my good friend and photographic mentor Steve Cohen, now the head of the NY/NJ Drone User Group, asked me if I could donate a design for an educational program. I started thinking about a simple 5" quad that would be a good first build basher and oh dammit that's a big Tweaker. Alright, let's do this.

  • Tweaker 5 available for pre-order
  • Shipping in late May 2016
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