TBRC Wings Reflex 38

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  • The TBRC Reflex 38 features a custom designed aerofoil and unique winglets make this craft the ideal race plane.
  • The exceptional high speed handling and the extreme durability of the foam construction make it a love for many FPV racing pilots out there. 
  • The TBRC Reflex has won the NAFPV 2015 wing race and the FatShark Frenzy 2015 wing race.
  • The TBRC Relex has a 38" wingspan and is made of durable EPP foam. 
  • The kit comes supplied with the foam, spars, winglets, elevons, equiptment bay hatch and 3mm laminate. 
  • The large battery bay allows you to put in a variety of batteries to suit your flying style. The battery bay also includes a unique shelf, or secret compartment at the back which allows you to tuck your wires out of the way leading to a cleaner setup and more space for components.
  • The CG is 140mm from the nose. Which is also at the same point as the back of the equipment bay hatch, allowing for easy laying out of components when you're putting this kit together.
  • Now comes with an accessory pack which includes

  • Nose Skids

  • Heavy Duty Control Horns

  • Push Rod Connectors

  • Foam Motormount Streamlining